Authentic communications happen face to face

The end of fake profiles and bogus bots is here. We eliminated pictures and text from our social network so you can find other genuin people with similar interests. Our unique brief video exchange add a layer of authenticity to your conversations. Let's come back to reality and start having face-to-face conversations again!

You are so much more than a "profile"

Unlike other apps that require a detailed profile, genuin only asks you for age, gender and a 5 to 10 seconds public video. You are you, not your profile.

• Say something interesting,
• Show your best self,
• Be bold,
• Be yourself,
Be genuin.

Target your message and decide who can engage you

Upload as many videos as you want, and choose who can see them. Whether you want to discover

• a fun group of people to join your clique,
• locals to hang with,
• concert goers with similar tastes,
• or a date for dinner

genuin can help you cater your message to different audiences for whatever the occasion.

Anybody can make the first move

To talk with someone, just answer their public video with a video. Why wait for a matching to speak with somebody.
The basic rules are:

• You need to listen what the other person has to say before you decide whether to reply with a video of your own
• Respond with a 5-10 second video
• Be deliberate; you'll need to wait until they reply to you before sending another message (no double videos allowed!)

Anybody can make the first move, but a conversation only happens if both individuals are willing to listen and talk.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

You can have up to 5 conversations with different individuals. But, you need to show interest. Otherwise, your conversations disappear after 72 hours of inactivity.
This encourages genuine conversations and deliberate actions.

You are in charge

Whenever you want you to end a conversation, just delete it from your inbox.
Once you eliminate the conversation, it will automatically disappear from the other device as well. No questions asked.
You are equally in charge of your relationships. You decide when to start or end one.

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be yourself, be genuin

Download the app now and discover genuin people, like in the real world.

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