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lauren hall

Lauren Hall,
App Member


I love following creators on Instagram and TikTok, but I always wished I could interact with people who share the same interests as me. On Genuin, I’m part of communities on everything from venture capital to books, and I love engaging with others about these topics.

Jamie Mars, Student & Future Investor


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Travel Hacks & Tips 👀✈️

The best travel tips & tricks you've learned & tried… 👋🏼

Tech Founders 📈

A space for tech founders to come together & discuss founder life 🎢

DIY Lovers 🔨

For people who want to share DIY hacks, tips & tricks ⚒️🎨👷‍♀️

Flower Arranging 🌻

A community for people who love flower arranging — and those who want to learn 🌸🌻